About us


With all of our products, the design stage is where we aim to stay ahead of the curve in terms of improving strength, weight and usability for every style of rider.

We use our sponsored riders’ feedback and our knowledge in the industry (along with a million cups of tea) to help us with the initial design stage. Matt’s a huge fan of this phase! We design all of our products on state-of-the-art CAD software, which includes Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to gauge component strength before prototyping. We test all of our products to British Standard BS EN ISO 4210 on our in-house equipment.


The prototyping stage is arguably the most time-consuming part of the process. With our main focus centering around giving you the perfect product, we spend our time working between designing and prototyping. Here’s where we optimise strength, weight, style and feel.

We use our vast experience in engineering to give you the best products, designed and built the Carder Tech way! Once the design and prototyping stages are complete, we then move to phase three; in-house testing.

In-House Testing

We test to the BS standards as well as going over and above with our own testing procedures. Here’s where we establish if any more changes are required before pre-production rider testing. This stage of testing has no timeframe because we’re dedicated to making premium components. It can take months or even years before we’re satisfied that we’re ready to move to the rider testing phase.

Rider Testing

As good as in-house testing is, we never finalise a design until our products have been subjected to the weather and terrain of the South West. We support some of the best riders in the UK who use our pre-production components in the real-world and then offer us valuable feedback. This means they’re race-proven before they go into production and this is why we believe we have some of the best parts you can buy.

We’re proud to say that all of our components are manufactured in-house, in North Devon, UK (where the jam goes on the right way!).